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Are you looking to start a wig shop or wig ?
Are you looking to add or expand services and new products to your existing salon?
Are you looking to become the The Leading - Wig Shop or Salon in your area?
Are you looking to get into the custom wig business?

As of April 2014

I am offering consulting services to any wig company or individual who has a need to help others and financially help themselves by adding services to their already existing hair salon or wig shop.  

Why contact me for my services?

I have had the experience of being on top of my game.  I had been offered several reality TV shows and made several appearances on cable shows on TV. I was featured in several magazines and News Stations. 
 My over confidence, lack of humility, absent owner of my company, lack of awareness and  strength as well as not overseeing my independent contractors and employees and own practices cost me my company,reputation and all my years of hard work.  I can help you avoid all the mistakes that has cost me my company and reputation. 

You can learn from my mistakes and I can help set you up from the beginning a successful business in the wig and hair replacement industry that will not compete but shine strongly over all the competition in your area.

Here are some of the services I will be offering:

Creating a successful custom wig and hairpiece company

  • Learn how to make custom wigs and hairpieces
  • Learn how to do custom wig repairs 
  • If your looking to get into European wigs and hairpieces I will give all the ins and outs of manufactures that make European wigs and hairpieces. You will be able to compete with any high end wig shop in your area.
  • Give exceptional customer service to others coming first from your heart
  • Access to the best marketing teams
  • Access to attorney created contractual agreements and process and procedures
  • Copyrighted images and to use on your website
  • You will get access to all types and qualities of human hair
  • and marketing techniques 
  • Interviewing your customer prior to the sale to ensure a successful long term relationship
  • Learn the importance of having the right legal team behind you
  • Have the correct system  in place for successful transactions
  • Identify possible outside threats from competitors and con artists disguising themselves as potential customers
  • How to legally keep competitors and outside threats from writing malicious reviews.
  • Keeping your customers happy throughout the process from the start to the finish.
  • Hiring the right employees with background checks and interviewing process that will ensure both yourself and company success
  • Steps you can take to protect yourself from competitor and outside attacks which can end your reputation and business.

If your interested in learning more please go to my contact page.  

You can also read more about my current lifes experiences and situations on my updates page.